What kind should I buy???


We are in need of purchasing a new vacuum. I will say right away that a Dyson is out of our budget. In 1995 we did have the budget to purchase a vacuum from Sears. It lasted me 10 yrs. Then for the past 3 years we have had to buy 2 cheap vacuums from Walmart. We have lots and lots and lots of cat hair. Before we didn’t and so that’s probably why the other vacuum lasted so long. I never knew that checking on Consumer Reports cost and so that’s why I am asking on here. We mostly need a vacuum good with cat hair. We seen the new ad for the new vacuum specifically for pet hair but didn’t know if any one owned one yet that may be able to give their opinion. We also must have a bagless. We would go through way to many bags with all the cat hair. I haven’t used a bagged vacuum since 1995 and don’t want to go back. So what kind of vacuum’s is everyone using? Every opinion will be considered and appriciated. We also deep clean our vacuum after every use. Thanks Everyone


  1. Electrolux pro action. bagless has 6 filters picks up dog/cat hairs get it from argos take out the3 year insurance so if it goes wrong they replace it no quibble. have one myself

  2. I have a Dirt Devil Dynamite ( small upright ). I have just one cat and hardwoods to vacuum. It does well on the area rugs. I would think it would do well on carpeting, too.

  3. Bissell Healthy Home vacuum. My husband bought ours in December 07 and it is so awesome. We have a dog and cat that shed alot and it is awesome on picking up pet hair. It has onboard attachments. It also comes apart easily for cleaning the inside. I am obsessed with my new vacuum and I vacuum all the time. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone. Another good resource once you have a name of a vacuum go to e-pinions.com and see what the people on there say about it.


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