Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • Upright vacuum cleaner designed for homes with pets
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction
  • Telescope reach; mini turbine head; low-reach floor tool
  • Brushbar control; clear dust bin; HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Measures 13-3/8 by 14 by 44-6/7 inches; 5-year warranty

DC 14 Animal

List Price: $ 659.99

Price: $ 659.99


  1. 372 of 380 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Definitly out-performs other vacuums we have owned, October 15, 2004
    This review is from: Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
    We have had the DC14 Animal less than a week, but so far we are amazed at it’s performance. With 2 teenage kids, 2 Newfoundland dogs, a cat, a parrot and a finch, the floors see their fair share of dirt, hair, crumbs and feathers. We have mostly carpet with some hardwood floors with runners. This machine does an equally great job on all. Its is easy to push around and the long cord allows you to cover a lot of area without having to find another outlet. The wand is easy to use and, judging by the reviews on the DC07, an improved design. Instead of having to disconnect it from the hose, turn it around and re-connect it as noted on earlier reviews on the DC07, you just release it from the handle and extend it.

    I don’t put a lot of credit in the “sweep with old vacuum then sweep with new” to determine how much better the new unit is. I tried sweeping with the new unit and then swept again with the new unit and picked up more dirt. The test that convinced me that this does a better job is on an item that has never been succesfully cleaned with the old vacuum. We have a 2×4 dirt mat that is in front of the door between the garage and house. It is of a thick fiber material that catches and holds dirt and especially dog hair. Our old Hoover bagless has never been able to completely clean it. In order to remove the hair, we had to use a short stiff bristle brush and brush it out. The DC14 did the job. Did it do it in one swipe you ask? No. I had to sweep it good to get it clean but it did remove ALL the hair and dirt. I was definitly impressed.

    We have not used the tools enough to form any kind of opinion on them yet. We have used the turbo brush on the furniture and it seems to do a decent job but I would recommend that you remove the handle from the hose and fit the brush on the end of the hose. It makes it much easier to use.

    OK! That’s the fluff. Now for the grit.

    I guess nothing in this world is perfect. This is the second DC14 we have had in a week. The first unit made an awful ratcheting noise when we used it on the runners on the hardwood floor. I had seen other reviews that commented on this along with statements that it is a design feature to prevent damage to the life-long brush drive belt. If a rug gets sucked up into the brush and tries to stall the brush, a clutch begines to slip rather than burn the belt up. I called Dyson and they confirmed this. Good plan in theory. However, we had tried both the DC07 and the DC14 display models at the store. The section of carpet was similar to a throw rug. I could see the rug being sucked up to the head and hear the brush bar flogging the snot out of it and neither one of those machines ratcheted. In my case, the brush bar was turning and didn’t sound like it was trying to stall so, assuming maybe the tension on the clutch on my machine was not set properly, I took it back and exchanged it for another. No more ratcheting sounds. I think Dyson needs a little more “Quality Control” on their clutch. I might add there is a good example why some items might be better purchased from a local store. Much less hassle if you do experience a problem.

    All and all, we are very satisfied with the DC14. Only time will tell on it’s durability. But in view of the fact it is an improved version of the DC07 and reviews have shown for the most part it holds up well, I expect this vacuum to last as long or longer than any other leading bagless vacuum currently on the market.

    If it wasn’t for the fact of having to take the first unit back, I would have given it 5 stars. I recommend the DC14.


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  2. 43 of 44 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Pro and Cons, February 19, 2005

    This review is from: Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
    Overall, this is one amazing vacuum, and I compare it to my Rainbow and a bagless Bissel, among others. I have a Corgi who is in a constant state of blowing her coat, and a daughter with dust allergies. I am thrilled with the Dyson, and, with just a few minor caveats (plus I don’t have stairs so can’t speak to that issue), I give it my highest recommendation. The way it all fits together, and the thought that clearly went into the design and function of the Dyson just makes it a really cool vacuum whose effectiveness leaves others in the dust.


    – Amazing suction–can’t say enough about this–unbelievable what it picks up, and carpets and floors look great afterward (actually pulls up the nap in your carpet). This thorough removal of dirt should lengthen the life of my carpets, since ground-in dirt grains cut the carpet fibers.

    – Fantastic at getting up dog hair–and I must vacuum at least every other day (wish I could just vacuum the dog).

    – Onboard hose, wand and attachments so covenient and easy to use, I am much more likely to quickly go over the baseboards, a/c vents and returns, fans, furniture etc. on a much more regular basis.

    – Lightweight, easy to pull around on large back wheels or grasp to carry from place-to-place with conveniently low carry handle–no bending or struggling.

    – Bagless, so you can see what you’re getting (as I could with my Rainbow, but the Dyson picks up so much more!). It’s easy to see when to empty clear plastic bin.


    – High profile keeps vacuum from reaching all the way under the toe-kicks in my kitchen and other low but open spaces; must sweep first or use attachments.

    – Cannot use on scatter rugs or small (3 x 5) area rugs, even fairly heavy ones, because the mighty suction causes the rugs to adhere to the bottom of the vacuum–I wish there were a “reduced suction” setting for these.

    – Obviously, it will suck up the fringe on Orientals, so steer clear.

    – Neither of the 2 “offboard” vacuum attachments (also meant for stairs and cars) will flatten out at the end of the wand quite enough to get completely under a queen or king-sized bed the way my old Rainbow could (which is too bad, because my Corgi sleeps under my daughter’s bed). I wish the vacuum attachments would swivel just a bit flatter.

    – While it is easy to empty the bin in theory, I must do it outside in a cinched plastic garbage bag to keep the dust from flying all around, and sometimes the accumulated hair has to be manually “helped” out of the bin, which could be a problem if one were really allergic to dust. I tie up and dispose of the plastic bag to keep the dust/hair in, so I guess it’s not a truly “bagless” vacuum.

    But even with these considerations, my house has never been cleaner–hair, dirt and dust-free!


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