Dyson vs Bissell vs Hoover pet vacuums for a husky owner?


I would love a Dyson pet vac but can’t afford 0. I know Bissell and Hoover have pet vac’s too but are either of them as good? Or maybe really good? I thought I heard Bissell’s was decent. I have a baby who will be crawling soon and a siberian husky that sheds A LOT and need a really good bagless vacuum for the carpet and tile floors…… Which one would you recommend?


  1. I feel your pain with the Siberian… I have a one year old female and she just started her bi annual blow out! I have the cheapest vac. ever! I have a 37 dollar Bissell from walmart and it does the trick just fine… I am constantly using it to get her massive amounts of fur from the carpet, steps and carpet… Good luck!


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