Hoover Fusion Plus Cyclonic Filtration Upright Vacuum…


Prices subject to change. Please visit www.hsn.com or call 1-800-284-3100 for the current selling price. Remove mountains of dirt with the Hoover 12-Amp Fusion Plus Cyclonic Upright Filtration Vacuum Cleaner. The unique filtration system can help to remove common allergens from your home. The extra long stretch hose and cord make cleaning fast and easy. The unit has permanent filters and is bagless so it’s economical. The bottom-release dirt cup is convenient for no-mess disposal. A telescoping handle adjusts for convenience and easy storage. Hoover 12-Amp Fusion Plus Cyclonic Filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaner Includes: Dusting brush – for removing dirt from table tops, books, lamps and more Crevice…


  1. Yea, I just scrapped another one of these at the shop because of a bad motor. The price is no shock, it’s a Chinese Hoover.

    The better Hoover is the original Windtunnel (bag model) coming from Mexico. There is also a popular blue colored Hoover named the Tempo, that is simply a Windtunnel with a standard hose and attachments. It’s cheaper and way tougher than this Fusion.

  2. The problem with the Fusion (current Mach series models) lies in the shroud design. The air is drawn vertically through the holes vs. horizontally as you see in a Dyson. This causes pet hair to cling to the shroud, and if you’re vacuuming large amounts of fine dust, chances are the pre-motor filter will become dirty quite fast.

    This summer however the NEW Hoover Mach 3 will use the shroud of the Dirt Devil Spinnergy, eliminating this problem. The current Vax UK Mach series already has it.

  3. And if you look closely in the video, you can see where the pieces of kapok removed from the test carpet are sticking to the shroud…

  4. also, look closely when she starts vacuuming, that the rear wheels are not moving at all. all demos on tv that i also watched, i noticed that the rear wheels do not move.

  5. I’d take this before a $500 Dyson (another cheap vacuum, but not price wise). For $120 this one would do just as well with most likely better quality. If it dies after 2 or 3 years, it will be easier to get over then if you would of spent $500 instead. Or just eliminate all of this hassle and just get a used Kirby for the few hundred bucks and be good to go.

  6. This Hoover’s cyclonic design seems similar to Dyson’s dual cyclone. The dual cyclone machines were sold years ago, but now Dysons use a Root Cyclone design.

  7. Also Kitty Litter and Cereal doesn’t clog up a filter. Suck up a cup of flour THEN vacuum. See how well that works then. Dyson can cope with the dust the hair the fluff and the grime.

  8. You’re totally right. Also, pretty much all vacuum cleaners (besides broken ones) don’t lose the power as long as they’re plugged into the wall.

  9. Sure can..I have had this Vac torn down to the bare motor!..Wash both filters..the pre and post (Pre is in the bottom when you have the can out) and the post is up at the top, inside in a little plastic retainer.

  10. I have this vac and it picks up pet hair and dirt like a biiiich..bad secondary filter design if you ask me (need to offer a hepa) and it is top heavy so if your using the hose and pull the slightest bit it will coming tumbling over and the handle will hit you right in the eye and give you a back eye for days..ehhh..at least in my experience 🙂 The best vac I have owned is the Simplicity..Banks vacuum sells them and they are made right here in the good ‘ol USA

  11. Hmmm..Just watched the video..doesn’t really matter since this is 3 years old now, but it doesn’t have “Filters that remove ALLERGENS” it has two cheap sponge filters..that are totally lame.shame..shame .but like I said, it has plenty of suction for sure..just take it outside to empty if you don’t want dirt all over the place..why am I commenting on a 3 YO video~! I really need to get a life..c-ya


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