Electrolux Oxygen Canister Vacuum Cleaner EL6988E


Electrolux Oxygen Canister Vacuum Cleaner, EL6988E

Electrolux Oxygen Canister Vacuum Cleaner, EL6988E

  • 1400-watt canister vacuum cleaner with motorized, low-profile power head
  • Fingertip brush-roll control; suction power control on the handle
  • HEPA filtration system; auto-close s-bag prevents dust from escaping
  • Includes upholstery brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and a caddy
  • Measures 9-1/2 by 12 by 18 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Strong but easy to maneuver. This model has six different carpet adjustments. Brilliant headlight, 50-feet power cord, weighs 20-pound. Wide bumper protects furniture and baseboards.

List Price: $ 429.99

Price: $ 322.51


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  1. 263 of 269 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Research, November 14, 2003

    This review is from: Electrolux Oxygen Canister Vacuum Cleaner, EL6988E (Kitchen)

    I was quite confused when I first started doing research on electorlux. My mother, and her mother, have always owned electrolux vacuums. This electrolux is not the same company that has been doing business in the U.S. under the electrolux name in the past. The old electrolux has changed their name to Aerus Electrolux.
    Electrolux is an international company that states on their website “Electrolux is the world’s largest producer of appliances and equipment for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use.” In the United States they do business under the familiar names: Eureka, Frigidaire, Poulan, Weed Eater, and now thier upscale brand Electrolux.

    OK, on to the vacuum. I bought mine after much research at Lowe’s. While opening and putting the thing together, a small clip that holds the power head on the shaft broke off. I called the company and they said they would send me a new piece with out much hassle, but then got a call back 15 minutes later saying that since the product was so new, it might take 2 months to send me a replacement part and suggested I just return it for a new one to Lowe’s. My over all experience with thier customer support leads me to beleive that I won’t have too many problems dealing with them in the future.

    My second vacuum unpacked fine and after a couple uses I’m quite satisfied with it’s performance. The carpet powerhead does very well on my rugs, and even does ok on hard floors. The hard floor attachment is more than a foot wide and makes quick work of the hard wood in my house but is so wide you have to switch it for the corner tool to get around most furnature. I was impressed with the suction from the vacuum, even before I noticed that I only had it turned up half way 🙂 So I’ll try to sum up the pros and cons.

    Cool looking
    Nice cord length and roll up storage
    Wide reach on the attachments
    Small size of the canister
    Does a good job of sucking up small stuff
    Bags are just more than $1 each (for the standard bags)
    Easily turn on and off the roller on the power head
    Both the hard floor attachment, and the power head easily go under beds and couches

    Hard to deteach the hose from the canister for storage
    Power head won’t work on bath mats

    I’ll post again in a few months when I see how it’s holding up.

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  2. 49 of 49 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Really Nice Vacuum, February 12, 2004

    This review is from: Electrolux Oxygen Canister Vacuum Cleaner, EL6988E (Kitchen)

    I bought this vaccum after developing allergies for the first time. My parents have had an elextrolux for the past 25 years and it has always worked great. Although Eureka is now making these electrolux vaccums I expect that in order to preserve the integrity of the name they will make every effort to make sure this product line is up to standard, and I think they have succeded in this regard.
    Contrary to the other reviews I took my vaccum home and was able to connect all of the pieces by myself without any problems. The bags are small, but so is the vaccum. If you want bigger bags chose an upright, but beware, the hepa filtration on those units is not as good. The filter and bags are easy to acess. The power head is very sturdy but has a little trouble standing on its own- it can do it, but will fall down with the slightest breeze.
    The vaccum is very quiet. To test the suction I first vaccumed with my old vaccum and then revaccumed with this one. I was very impressed. I could hear every piece of sand and crumb climbing up the hose- and there was a lot!!! It even has a light so you can vaccum in the dark, or in a dark corner. The head seems to move itself effortlessly across the room.
    If you are considering this machine, don’t be afraid of the other reviews. I did not experience their woes.

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