What exactly should i clean when cleaning someones house…


Bre need help to clarify doubt about : What exactly should i clean when cleaning someones house professionally?
I am starting my own cleaning business and I am afraid I am going to miss something on the first day. I would like to know what exactly to clean? And if its easiest to have a cleaning plan of some sort when going in and if so what are some ideas on plans? I may be over thinking all of this but I want to make sure I do an excellent job so I can get more clients.

Try this:

Answer by Vad
I found this which might help:

Skip the first half of the page, at the end they have a cleaning checklist. A little like what the mechanic does when you get your car serviced.

If you don’t know much about cars.. the checklist is helpful so you know the mechanic isn’t just wasting time and charging you money for nothing. So it might be a good idea to give each of your clients a copy of the checklist after you have cleaned their house and marked everything off.

Just write in any extras that you have done.

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  1. Sweep/mop all floors and get into the corners
    Wipe up counters in the kitchen
    Vacuum carpets
    Dust everywhere
    Wipe down tables
    Get rid of scuff marks from walls
    Clean anything glass, like glass top tables and vases and stuff
    Do dishes?
    Take out garbage
    Wash windows
    And anything else you can think of.
    Double and triple check everything

  2. Hi
    I cleaned houses. Usually the owner lets you know what they would like done.
    As long as you dust, wipe surfaces, clean bathroom, laundry, toilet vacuum and mop you should be fine.
    Anything more than that they should pay extra

  3. I start at the top and work down-bedrooms first.
    In each room,I clean downwards (use a feather duster for high/hard to reach places)-doing the carpet/mopping the floor last.
    Make sure you do all edges and ledges,including skirting boards.
    Bathroom-different cloth for the toilet-which I leave till last
    Hoover the landing,then hoover the stairs as you go down-don’t forget to dust/damp wipe the gaps between the bannisters.Then do the same for the downstairs rooms-don’t forget to rinse/wipe round the kitchen bin.
    Clean any windows/mirrors as you go round


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