How long should a vacuume cleaner last?


wfbqfm need help to clarify doubt about : How long should a vacuume cleaner last?
Mine is about 4 years old and doesnt work very well. Also- any ideas on a new vacuume cleaner I should buy?

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Answer by SmarterThanYouThink
Depending on the brand 7 or more years. Kirbys have been known to last over forty years with proper maintenance. However, they cost between 700-1200 dollars. We have a Dyson and it has last over three years. The key is to buy a quality one the first time around. Get a bagless one with a Hepa filter. You can expect to replace a cheap one (Eureka, Bissel, some Hoover models) every year and a half or so. My advice is to spend 400 dollars on the front end and get a Dyson or an Oreck. They work great and have a good life expectancy. Orecks are used in most hotel chains because of their high quality and long life.

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  1. What SmarterThan…. said.
    I have a Kirby and had a Dyson… both are great.
    My parents had vacuum that kept on going but didn’t do so well.
    Husband bought me an upright…. it got thrown away quickly enough because it didn’t work.
    If you are going to spend money… spend it well so it’s not thrown away.


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