Final test run of the cheap Eureka vacuum cleaner


Video originally recorded on October 21, 2009. I’m just recording the final test run of this China-made vacuum cleaner before it gets hauled away to the junkyard. This video serves as a message to those who are using the China-made POS vacuum cleaner. Go buy a AMERICAN-MADE vacuum cleaner only! They last a LOT longer than the current ones of today! Thank you. Comment Pending Approval only!


  1. @eureka800: Theres no point of me taking it apart and fixing it because it’ll clog itself up again… Right now, I no longer have the cheap vacuum cleaner. The only great vintage vacuum cleaner I have left is the 2000’s Hoover Wind Tunnel kind…

  2. @Parwaz786: Yeah, I wish I could’ve done that two years ago, but it’s too late now. It has been officaly hauled away to the trash compactor!


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