Good upright bagged vacuum cleaner?


I tried bagless,and Eureka,never again for both. Total waste of money. Under 0,have been happy in the past with Kenmore ones. But I always find some bad reviews for ones that look good. So if you have a good upright you’re happy with,tell me which brand. Thanks. Will never go with messy bagless again.


  1. I’ve also had a few good ones. I never wanted a bag-less one because to me it seems like it would be dusty. I had a great Hoover that was about $300 bucks and lasted a long time. When the motor quit I bought a Sears, Kenmore-progressive upright. It is 12 amp and picks up great. Uses the microfiber paper bags from Sears. It was about 170 bucks 2 yrs ago. When I vacuum I want something that does a great job and this one is very good too.

  2. Try a Sanitaire.There are models with the paper bag, or get the re-usable bag and save some trees. It’s what all the hotels use. You can’t kill it; and if you do, parts are readily available online or at your local janitorial supply stores.


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