Which vacuum cleaner should I get?


okay, so my first vacuum ever was a Dirt Devil. That thing was great in germany when I had super flat and hard carpet (like lenolium floors practically), but when I moved back to the states it lasted me about 2 months on normal apartment carpet.

Next… I figure maybe I should spend a little more and i’ll get alittle more out of a vacuum. So instead of 50 bucks on a vacuum, I go ahead and get a bissell for 120 dollars. YEAH this has gotta last right? Well it did last longer then the dirt devil… but 6 months into it, I was cleaning the vacuum out (declogging, wiping down, cleaning filter, eventually just removing the filter all together to help prevent clogging) and i put up with doing so for a year, cause it picked up some things. I don’t mind going over a room 2 or 3 times to make sure it’s all picked up. I have a dog and a cat that both shed…so i just expect it. for the past 6 months, it refuses to pick up hair period. Instead it started pushing it off the carpet and balling it in little peices all over the place :/ little tiny grey fluff balls on my carpet… fun.

So it’s finally useless to me… i need a good vacuum. I’m willing to spend a good penny, but if it’s gonna cost me more then my old bissell I want a vacuum that wont lose suction, AND have a gooooood long warranty on it.

Was looking into Dyson. I read the pet stuff is crap, but the regular vacuums are pretty nice. I don’t mind bagless messes to clean up (not allergic to anything)… and i don’t mind emptying it out often (to me that’s a plus cause i know it’s picking up ALOT :D)…

Are there any other brands someone would recommend. I saw a commercial for a vacuum that compared to dyson but was more affordable. I wanna say it was shark or something like that… and my friend told me to save up and invest in this brand of vacuum that has a 10 year warranty, and will last you a lifetime, but it’s like 1200 dollars ;_; yikes…

Note my dog hair is long, and my cat’s hair is super short. So i get the nasty end of both worlds in the pet hair department. Plus I have long hair and I would really hate to have my hair constantly tangling up the brush. (might be inevitable though :/)



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