Hoover Nano Lite


TTI-made Hoover lightweight upright that is at Wal-Mart and has surprisingly decent construction. Bought this one last summer right when it came out, so it’s one of the first. I’ve used mine occasionally and haven’t had any problems with it; seems to be a great value and a good cleaner (outcleans an Oreck of course). The brushroll is very aggressive; as a result the machine is very easy to push going with the direction of the carpet. It also has a belt shifter to shut off the brushroll for bare floor use. I really like this machine. It is the ONLY filtered bagless cleaner I can handle; the pet hair and larger debris is separated by a screen and there’s a slide lever on the back to help loosen fine dust from the filter. I’m pretty sure I saw a similar filter/screen setup on that V2 WindTunnel upright but I’m not sure…


  1. This is like the basic Dirt Devil Dynammite/ Vax Quicklite VO45 in the UK even though there’s a hose at the back on this one; same noise and fittings, slightly different front. I love my Vax but its far too noisy!

  2. Yes, but Techtronic Industries is a corporation (I think “conglomerate” would be more appropriate actually), not a division of another company. TTI purchased Hoover from Maytag around the same time Whirlpool acquired Maytag. At the time they already had ownership of Dirt Devil and Vax. There was (and I think still is) an Aerus-branded lightweight upright, the Lux Lite, that is TTI-made, so I wonder what influence they have over Aerus. For the record, it’s a good machine like this Nano Lite.

  3. Anything in particular? I’d be interested to know. I did hear that many different types of bags for the older cleaners would soon go.

  4. I bought one too. While I don’t particularly like the filter in the back of the bucket, it IS easy to clean and is washable. The Nano Lite is a great vacuum, you are very lucky to have such smart friends to tell you about it.

  5. i just got one tonight! i love it. it is a full size 12 amp in small size! and quiet. i would reccomend this to anyone! even old farts!

  6. yea ive been tempted to get this at walmart too. thought id look here for reviews or demos. walmarts reg price i think is right at $60. they have it on sale for $40. debating this small bagless or the bigger bagless hoovers. im such a hoover addict. the floormates are wonderful too for hardwood floors. i tossed my mop and bucket to the garage. my husband uses them when he spills oil and uses the bucket to wash the cars with now. HOOVER ROCKS!

  7. I am a collector and bought this model to keep in the box as a kind of time capsule and take it out one day. I wonder if in like 30 years if someone would be willing to buy it lol

  8. I have a Nano Light and I love iT. I kept eyeing it at Walmart and one day we went and I pestered my dad to buy it for me and I got it. They definetly have the power of a FULL SIZE upright for a much lower cost.

  9. Best cheap upright vacuum I’ve ever tried – the suction is off the charts.

    The only downside is that loud noise it makes when you pull it down from the full upright position – I feel like I’m breaking it!


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