Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology


Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology, F8100900

Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology, F8100900

  • Carpet cleaner with SpinScrub brushes and automatic-rinse function
  • High-velocity suction; direct heat for fast drying; 2 spot-cleaning settings
  • SpinScrub powered hand tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, and stretch hose
  • LED indicator lights; detergent included; minimal assembly required
  • Measures approximately 20 by 15 by 44 inches; 5-year limited warranty

The Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner removes more dirt from carpet than any other leading vacuum brand. Hoover’s one-of-kind DualScrub Technology combines Spinscrub brushes with a PowerGroomer to provide 360-degree dirt removal and a professional clean finish. The heat light illuminates when the cleaner is ready to use. Simply pull the trigger to dispense solution to clean a tough spot or stain. The patented auto-rinse technology automatically rinses your carpet with fresh water, leaving less soap residue behind for a cleaner carpet. A computer controlled system takes the guesswork out of carpet cleaning. Simply push a button and spin the dial to begin cleaning, scrubbing, suctioning, and dispensing to optimize your cleaning tasks. The MaxExtract technology uses high velocity suction to remove dirty water while applying forced heat to speed up the dry time. Illuminated wash and rinse lights let you know that you are cleaning properly and the tank indicator lights tell you wh

List Price: $ 449.99

Price: $ 449.99


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  1. 348 of 349 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    So that’s what color my carpets actually were…, May 18, 2009
    H. Sapiens “Amanda” (SF Bay Area, CA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology, F8100900 (Kitchen)

    We should really be hired to test vacuum and carpet cleaners, but even so the price of this dream clean machine gave me some pause (okay, a lot). With 2 kids, 3 dogs, and 2 cats and fairly light carpets, we put our cleaners to the test. I have gone through SEVERAL carpet cleaners (roughly 1 every 2 years) and have also had the carpets professionally cleaned. Honestly, this carpet cleaner cleaned as well if not better than the pros, and worlds better than our current Hoover F6207-900 SteamVac Lite Carpet Cleaner with Heated Cleaning.

    1) Handle can lay back fully with no strain on the hose – I mention this after replacing the hoses several times on previous Hoovers
    2) You do NOT have to mix the detergent!!!! Wow – what a great feature, no waste!
    3) 2 separate rollers actually scrub the carpet amazingly well
    4) No fuss dial system – incredibly easy to go between standard clean, spot clean (does not pick up so you can scrub, scrub, scrub away the years of bad carpet cleaners), and rinse (the water rinse is GREAT!)
    5) Easy to follow indicator lights let you know if you know when it is cleaning (detergent), rinsing (water only), or drying (neither light on)
    6) Spot clean is easy to follow – actually squirts out the front so you can actually see the spot you are hitting (2 settings, spray or stream)
    7) My previous Hoovers had this obnoxious detachable hose reel, and then when the clips that hold it on break, you find yourself dragging accessories around the house – this one is not detachable.
    8) The hose remains attached, you don’t have to plug it in, so no hose door to break and lose (yeah, I’ve done that too)
    9) Scrubber assembly comes off easily for cleaning (but not the front roller, which might be a problem if you don’t maintain it)
    10) generous cord longer than previous Hoovers
    11) 6 year warranty makes it cheaper than replacing 3 $200 Hoovers with 1 year warranties (just check where your service center is – ours is about 30 miles away and always very responsive)
    12) Since it is clear plastic (opposed to grey or purple) it is easier to see when the water being picked up becomes fairly clear indicating you have extracted the maximum amount of dirt you can

    1) It’s big – and heavy – and I have tons of stairs
    2) Blue light shining on carpet – this gives me eye strain after a while
    3) Waste container – there’s no delicate way to dump it – it’s opening is like a big bucket and it gets everywhere. I suppose it will get better with practice, and it is easier to clean this way, but I think it was a step backward
    4) Very small holes to pour in the detergent and water – buy a funnel since the detergent is pricey
    5) Detergent guzzler

    Eh’s (take ’em or leave ’em):
    1) Heat – I don’t think it really did much (It didn’t feel substantial)
    2) Waste container sensor – doesn’t detect the detergent well, with the clear plastic, it’s pretty obvious when they need emptying/filling
    3) Blue light – why blue – simulated uv? It doesn’t actually illuminate anything.
    4) Carry handle – it’s made of molded plastic and is in the back, so… yeah, pretty awkward hoisting it up and down the stairs. But, I really don’t have a better option, so am not putting it as a con.

    How did it do???
    If I had known how well it would do, I would have taken pictures or video, because it is unbelievable. I cleaned my ancient 15 year old carpets (about 1600 sq. feet worth) and actually managed to get them back very near their original color. Shockingly old stains that my kidlets provided that were not removed by the pros or the old cleaners are gone. One caveat here is that I used around 64 ounces of detergent. I started with the professional grade, but used the cheap stuff in the kids’ rooms (smells better anyway). Based on the amount used and lack of discernable difference, I cannot recommend the “professional” cleaner but instead Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce, which has what I would call a lemony scent. If you are scent sensitive, then try Hoover 40321128 Deep Cleansing Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce. I use the 4-for-3 to really make it a great buy. In any event, I took my time actually read the directions for once and made sure I did several dry passes. I took advantage of the spot clean followed by rinse only for high traffic areas, used the powered hand tool on the stairs,…

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  2. 108 of 108 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great machine–very impressed!, April 28, 2009

    This review is from: Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology, F8100900 (Kitchen)

    I bought this cleaner yesterday after reading many reviews. My little Bissel steam cleaner stopped vacuuming up the solution after just using it 10 times, so I decided to invest in something I won’t have to replace once a year. I was nervous at first because the cleaner is very expensive compared to other cleaners, and putting it together, I was terrified it would break, as it’s made of plastic which doesn’t feel very strong to me. It was simple to put together and get started, and once I started cleaning, I knew I’d made a good choice. I cleaned the carpet in my 17 month old son’s room, and was shocked at how differently this cleaner worked compared to my Bissel. With my Bissel, an entire gallon of solution was sprayed onto my carpet, but only a few ounces of the solution was vacuumed up. I contacted Bissel and they assured me this was normal, as I have thick carpets. However, the carpets sometimes took 24 hours or more to dry, which is very frustrating. Needless to say, I hardly used the Bissel cleaner as it was a pain to wait an entire day for the carpets to dry. With this Hoover cleaner, though, nearly ALL the solution was vaccumed back out of the carpet! It took about 5 hours for the carpet to dry (very thick carpet!) and the dirty water was BLACK when I was done. I’m disgusted at what a terrible job my Bissel did, and grateful that this cleaner works so well!

    What I love about this cleaner:
    – You don’t have to mix the detergent in water, the machine mixes it for you, making it easier to clean small areas if needed without making an entire gallon of solution
    – I’m a small woman and this machine is pretty big, but it’s easy to push, I had no problems with it
    – The LED light on the front reveals conspicuous stains the carpet
    – The machine rinses and partially dries the carpet, without leaving an overwhelming smell of chemicals in the room
    – It comes with a 6 year limited warranty. Other Hoover cleaners come with a 1 year warranty. (Hopefully this means that they are confident with this machine, and not that they anticipate problems, I’m quite cynical)
    – The dirty water bin is VERY easy to clean. My Bissel was terrible to clean, it took me half an hour to clean it because of the design.
    – The suction is great, it actually vacuums up nearly all the water out of the carpet
    – It actually gets my carpet clean! Finally!

    What I don’t like:
    – The machine appears to be sturdy, but I’m still a little nervous about all the plastic parts. I keep thinking something might break off if I’m not careful. It’s an expensive machine and I can’t afford for anything to break.
    – You can use any Hoover detergent in the machine, but the the platinum detergent that comes with it is VERY expensive, much more than Hoover’s original detergent. I’ve contacted them to see what exactly the difference is and if the Platinum detergent actually works better or if the original detergent will do just as well.

    Edit: Hoover got back to me and told me that the “Recommended” shampoos for this machine are the Platinum detergent and the Hoover SteamVac Ultra carpet and upholstry detergent. They said the other brands might foam too much and cause problems. The ultra detergent is about half the price of the platinum, so I bought 4 bottles of it with the buy 4, get 1 free deal on amazon. I just used the detergent last night on a fresh chocolate milk stain and it didn’t get it out, but I don’t know if the platinum would have, either. Seems like decent detergent, though! And a lot more affordable!

    Extra Edit: After using this cleaner for several months, I still don’t regret buying it because it cleans so well, but I do have a few comments on cleaning it. The rotating brushes on the underside of the cleaner pick up a lot of lint, hair, and gunk that vacuums do not pick up, and the junk gets really nasty in the brushes. I’ve actually had to take my cleaner outside, turn it over, and pull everything out of the brushes. Very gross, but it keeps from spreading on my carpet. Just wanted to mention the fact. This is still a wonderful cleaner and does a great job, but cleaning the brushes is a bit more extensive than other carpet cleaners I’ve owned.

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  3. 58 of 59 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    FANTASTIC Home Carpet Cleaner !, April 15, 2009
    This review is from: Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology, F8100900 (Kitchen)

    My wife and I live in a split entry ranch (raised ranch) home. We have been in it since 1994. Wall to wall carpet with the exception of 2 baths, kitchen/dining room and the laundry room.

    We put new carpet in the house when we moved in… and then again when we remodeled in 2004. We had a professional rug cleaner do it (previous to the remodel and currently) every spring and fall (upstairs spring, downstairs fall) until we called to make an appointment a few weeks ago and they were out of business.

    We decide to research a home cleaner and give that a try instead of looking for a new company. I Googled “carpet cleaners” and the Bissell Pro Heat 2X 9500 seemed to be the one model that kept popping up and had many good reviews.

    I go to one of our local department stores to purchase the Bissell… I asked the manager of this department what he thought of the Bissell and he said “since you asked and to be honest with you… the Bissell cleaners are the most returned model here at the store”. I then asked what he recommended. He said “I have a Hoover Steam Cleaner myself and it works well and we hardly get any Hoover returns. We also just got this new Hoover Platinum Collection Cleaner in this past weekend.”

    So I went with the Hoover F8100900 Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner and I did the upstairs and the stairs… and all I can state is “unbelievable on what a FANTASTIC JOB IT DID !!!”.

    It looks better than when the professional company had done it! It also dried as fast if not faster.

    This machine does what it says it will do… and more!

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