how to change paper bag for hoover vacuum cleaner ?


Gami need help to clarify doubt about : how to change paper bag for hoover vacuum cleaner ?
I have a hoover vacuum cleaner and need to change the paper bag inside it or clean it. How do i change it ? How do i remove the dirt accumulated inside it ?

Try this:

Answer by Corky R
Well, Gami, there are about 100 different Hoover vacuums, using paper bags, clear back over 50 years. Most of them have a piece of cardboard with a hole in it that installs over a hard round plastic protruding tube somewhere in the cloth bag. You don’t remove the dirt from the paper bag, you remove the paper bag by pulling it off the protruding tube, then put a new, fresh empty bag on in it’s place, zip up the cloth bag and start sweeping. Next time you ask a question include as much detail, such as model, type of unit, etc. as possible. It makes it much easier to help.

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