how to deep clean sofa and carpet?


Strawberryangel83 need help to clarify doubt about : how to deep clean sofa and carpet?
ok. now that my pooch is completely housebroken, i need to get my house back in shape! lol.

i saw a bissell thingie commercial, the one with the dog sitter, where it kinda shampoos your carpet. how well does that work?

does oxy clean work well with pet stains and stuff? i cannot afford to hire a pro right now. i am willing to buy a machinge and it’ll be cheaper in the long run since i have nieces over all the time and stuff. and since i am puppy sitting my bro’s dog sometimes, and he is about to get two more dogs.


Try this:

Answer by julie d
This is what we use. We have a Bissell Steam Cleaner with the upholstery attachment. Oxy Clean is good. Don’t forget to pre-treat any really bad stains.

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  1. Check out consumer reports. they recommend the Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge. F5914 – 900 A couple of other sights recommended it also, I just bought it on sale for $ 149.00 @ Best Buy. I haven’t used it yet. It is about half the price of having my carpets cleaned. Also, on the web you can find recipes for homemade solutions to use for different problems.


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