Gia need help to clarify doubt about : WHAT KIND OF VACUUM IS CLEANER DO YOU USE?
My 6 month old is already crawling and right around this time my Hoover Tempo has stopped working. I’m looking for a new vacuum (READ BEFORE YOU ANSWER) here is what I’m looking for
* price under $ 125
* hepa filter
* a vacuum that doesn’t spew out dirt and dust while i’m vacuuming
* easy to clean, nothing messy
safe to use around baby!!!!
And FYI , once again my budget is $ 125 and under which means no Dyson, so help me out people, please suggest something I can afford and has the things I’m looking for….Thank you!!!
OK I see that people can NOT read….what was so hard about do not mention a dyson (no sh!t its better) or anything above $ 125, i’m looking for a cheap but good vaccum as a extra for my workplace.
SAFE AROUND THE BABY meaning….the vacuum not spewing out dust not leaving a foul order, come on people are you that dumb!!!! seriously befiore you jump the gun READ MY QUESTION!!!

Try this:

Answer by Ryan Martinez
I`m sorry but your best bet is a Dyson. Dysons are the best. My mom uses a Dyson for EVERYTHING. And if you cant afford it just borrow money. DUH!

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  1. I use a 30 year old Filter Queen, which I purchased used in around 1988 for $ 500. A few months ago it had its first repair, $ 150 for a new motor, installed. I expect it to last at least another 20 years because there isn’t much else to break on it. Sounds a lot better than buying a poor quality cheap vacuum that lasts a year or two, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, in vacuum cleaners, you usually get what you pay for. Spend more now, spend a lot less in the future. If I wanted a good vacuum right now, I’d go visit my local vacuum repair shop and see what they had in good quality used vacuums. And I don’t understand what you mean about safe to use around a baby. If you don’t run into the baby with the vacuum, and the baby doesn’t chew the cord, how unsafe can a vacuum get?

  2. I suggest saving money by going to Costco for most vacuum cleaners. They often have demonstrations there too. And always get a HEPA vacuum as you mentioned. I came across the website below when I was looking for a vacuum cleaner for my daughter recently. It has a funny cat on a Roomba youtube video too!


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