1. I have a bagless vacuum and my filters are washable but I do have to buy new ones every 6 months. If the filter is paperish no, but if it looks like it can hold up in water, yes (no cardboard). My filter is a foam thing and I wash it in cold water under the sink. (Mine getsdirty VERY often, so I can’t imagine them expecting you to buy a new one all the time) Just make sure to let it dry before you put it back. If you don’t trust me, check the manual or go to Sears and look at the filters and it should give you instructions on the box.

  2. Most filters can be washed, just let it dry thoroughly before using. They do get clogged up over time. When you notice a significant difference in how well it is sucking up dirt, or the vacuum seems to getting louder and louder, it is time to replace the filter.
    Some aftermarket filters, available on the Internet, are designed to be washed out, though I don’t know if there is one for your particular model.

  3. you can wash the foam filter out with warm water, roll in a towel to remove excess water and let air dry fully before installing back in machine


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