I need a new vacuum, what kind to buy?


I was wondering if anyone has a hoover vacuum and if they like it? I am looking at purchasing one soon. I defenitly am not buying a dyson. I have 2 dogs and have been told that bagless vacuums are not a good vacuum for dog hair.

What about a fuller Vacuum?


  1. I’ve been in building maintenance for 40 years and I think I can help. First of all bag or bag-less. It can sometimes become difficult to get bags as new vacuums come out so I prefer bag-less just dump it outside or inside a trash bag to keep the dust contained. Second, two motors, one runs the vacuum and one runs the brush. When carpets become excessively dirty or are long shag a single motor model drags down reducing the suction. twin motors work better because the still keep good suction even in long carpet providing better carpet cleaning. Next, look at the brush it should be a replaceable one. On cheaper vacuum they attach the brushes to the beater bar and usually cost anywhere from $40 to $80 to replace. Better vacuums let you slide the old brush out and a new one in without replacing the whole beater bar at a cost of $2 to $3. Check with your local commercial cleaning dealership for the better models. Generally I been able to pick up commercial vacuums like I’ve described in the $300-$400 range. Remember hoover and Kirby vacuums everything included but the kitchen sink for about $2300 by the time you make the payments. There’s $50,$70,$80 models at local department outlets but they are made with plastic bearings and expensive parts. Hope this helps you I paid $280 for and ambassador minuteman and that was 15 years ago and it been a dream to work with.

  2. look into getting a central vacuum system installed; theres absolutely no comparison. i have an Easy~Flo system, and love it. You should check out their website. Hoover uprights are also really good

  3. Hoovers SUCK, I had 2 both broke with in a year! I have a dyson, and I have dogs. They are wonderful, worth every penny. No other vacuum has EVER been able to get all the stubborn dog hair up like my dyson. Your information is off. Bagless is not alwasy worse… Especially in the dyson.

  4. I don’t care for the Hoover’s they seem to loose their suction rather quick. I also have 2 dogs and own a trucking company so the traffic in my house is heavy and they usually bring in a lot of debris in their boots. I have a Kenmore Progressive. It’s a canister and I LOVE IT!! It’s a little on the pricey side about $200.00, but I’ve already spent that in replacing 3 uprights (2 of them Hoover’s) Not to mention the HEPA filter bag is great for not releasing back into the air. All the tools are kept inside of the canister, so NO MORE knocking the damn things off the back of the uprights.


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