Good vacuum Bissell or Eureka?


I currently own a Hoover I need something you can turn the brushes off for hard floors. I have my eye on the Bissell Healthy home can anyone tell me the pro and cons of them I know someone said their heavy. I also have my eye on the Eureka bag model that got consumer reports (good reviews) and it 0 less.Pros and cons on it. The hose on the Eureka doesn’t look long enough for stairs is it? They both have Hepa filters. I’ve never had a bagless either. Is Bissell worth 0 more?? Please help!!!


  1. After my 2nd Hoover died I bought an Oreck. Depending on the model, you have anywhere from a 2 yr warrantee to 20 years (that is the model I got).

  2. There are 3 categories that reflect good, better and best:

    Under $125

    The more expensive ones last longer and do a better job. Dyson and Electrolux are best

  3. i had high cost vacuum , and low cost one the one that i like for my money is the bissell. you don,t have to change a bags in it . it go on hard wood for and rugs . and do a good fob i have my for 4 years now. and my hoover is down in the basement now. i use it there.

  4. Years ago vacuums were mostly metal, with plastic used sparingly, as in bumpers, trim, etc. Nowadays vacuums are 98 % plastic, with metal used sparingly, such as in the motor, wheel shafts, screws, etc. Bissell has traditionally used a cheaper plastic, similar to the stuff they used to make those cheapie little toys out of. It doesn’t stand up to rough use very well, cracks easily and breaks. Eureka has been in the vacuum business longer and I feel, makes a moderately good product. I’m not aware of any Eureka u/r’s that allow for agitator shut down while running. Panasonic makes an u/r with that feature, as does Riccar and Simplicity, all in the $300-$500 range. Bagless machines require more filters to catch the dirt that the bag normally stops, so require that you purchase filters regularly instead of bags. It’s a trade off. Also, when you dump the dirt container there’s always that little puff of dirt back into the air, which you can frequently bypass with a bag. Consumer Reports rates bagged units over bagless units, nearly every time. One of the best vac’s for the money is the Hoover Windtunnel u/r. If you have trouble with your arms or wrists they are available in self-propelled models, if not get one without. They all have great suction and a good agitator system.

  5. we bought a Dyson animal and took it back. it did not work well on pet hair. we then bought the bissell healthy home, this one is very good. the hose and the cord are nice and long. it has alot of power while not being to heavy.
    the drawbacks are, with pet hair its a little difficult to empty the dust bin, you have to take it outside to tap it on the side of the garbage can. i have an older house and the bissell uses a lot of electricity so i must use the kitchen or bath outlets only so as not to trip the circuit breaker, not a problem anymore now that i know. one last thing is the handle tilt foot switch. its kind of difficult to operate the the lever in bare feet.
    i really like the bissell vac and the stair tool is great. this vac is much better than the Dyson animal. i don’t know about the eureka vac.


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