IS it ok to vacuum up cat litter with a bagless vacuum cleaner?


I got a bissell bagless vacuum and want to know if it will hurt it. I have a hand vac but it doesnt pick up as well.
EDIT: I am not cleaning up soiled litter, just the ones that got tracked on the carpet.


  1. I do it all the time with my bagless machine…I’ve never had a problem so I say go for it. After all what else you gonna do??

  2. Yeah, but its gonna STINK everytime you use it, unless you change the bad in it everytime, I wouldn’t do it with a bagless one though, then it will smell all the time.

  3. Try sweeping it with a broom first, it shouldn’t hurt the vacuum if you get most of it up with the broom first. It may cause some dust though. Good luck.

  4. i wouldnt do it. cat litter creates very fine dust that could plug up a filtre and come out the exhaust. and pregnant women can be harmed by some of the airborne bacteria in used cat litter.

  5. I wouldn’t suck up any soiled cat litter, but if you are just getting the "tracked out" stuff off the floor, it will be fine. I use my bagless vac to do this all the time.
    You should remove and rinse out the filters periodically to rid them of dust and keep the suction constant, regardless of what you vacuum.


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