How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner : Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Buying Tips


Bagless vacuum cleaners can save materials by never needing a new bag, but they do not catch as much dirt as traditional bag vacuum cleaners. Weigh the pros and cons of bagless vacuums with helpful tips from a vacuum salesman in this free video on choosing vacuum cleaners. Expert: Steve…


  1. NOT everyone empties a Dyson in their home but as you said in your video, outside in a bag. So your excuse for not getting a Dyson is slightly misguided here.

  2. That is not true! My dyson has a permanent filter which you only have to wash every 6 months by rinsing under the tap! My dyson can normally do my whole 5 bedroom house without emptying. Dyson sue his arse off!

  3. When you vacuum with a Dyson, you don’t get dirt all over the house unless you take a hair dryer and blow the dirt with it. This is just not true. The fact is that a Dyson gets the dirt out of your carpet. They won’t show you what is being sucked up in what they are selling because it just doesn’t compare to what the Dyson sucks up. I still own a Kirby, just won’t use it anymore. I like clean, not hype.

  4. I don’t know about dyson, but I bought a bagless hoover a year ago and it was the was a huge mistake! The filter is suppose to be “self cleaning”, but is completely clogged and I was told it would cost $160 to fix and change the filter!!!

  5. Speaking as someone with allergies, bagless vacuums are the WORST. I have a Dyson, but I haven’t used it in quite a while. Just look up inside the cyclone thing on a used Dyson and you’ll see all the nasty dirt in there.

  6. if you wait too long between vacuuming, you do have to empty every other room. dyson is top of the heap right now, hands down.

  7. better yet, buy a vacuum that automatically bags it for you — like the prehistoric bagless vacuums that the futuristic baglesses are competiting with. HA…!!!

  8. you dont have to buy filters 4 the dyson at all!…i hate vids like this….thinking they know everything and yet they get half of it wrong!!!

  9. for my opinion the best vaccums are bagged vacs becouse i’ve used baggles water filtration and bagged vacs. the best are bagged when it gets full all that you have to do its just to replace with new bag, but in the bagless you have to buy new filters and to wash them if they are washable ,also it happens the same in the water filtration after using you have to wash the tank to wash filters too, you need to left them to dry but not in the electrical dryers, its so difficult to use them .


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