LG Bagless Upright Vacuum LuV300


This is a product review/demonstration for the LG Bagless Upright Vacuum LuV300. I walk through its features and accessories, the overall Quality and Comparison to my current bagless Vacuum. (LG Bagless Upright Vacuum luV300) For more great reviews and giveaways come visit us at www.todaysgiveaway.net


  1. The battery thing is stupid. Why not just have the on/off switch and carpet height adjustment ON the handle. Many vacs have this feature with no batteries needed. Who would want to to fuss with batteries on a vacuum?

  2. It looks good in the store, BUT, it’s toooooo LOUD like a Kirby!
    ARG! I’ve had many vacs, and I still feel you can’t beat a Hoover all around. I feel Hoover out performs many vacuums that cost much more.

  3. @tonicair It uses batteries in the handle because the handle actually releases from the body for doing stairs and such. This is designed so you don’t have to go back to the main body of the vac to turn it on or off or change settings. Very useful feature.

  4. The most important thing is the suction I didn’t hear you mention that, that one of the first things I look at. all those twirly things without good suction is useless.


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