My vacuum cleaner's suction is weak, and barely picks up any


I have a bissell powerforce bagless vacuum cleaner like this:
And for some reason, it wont suck anything up off the floor. It looks fine, sounds fine and doesn’t have any unpleasant odors. It just simply wont suck anything up…I tried using the attachment hose, which seems to work fine but when I turn the vacuum off, everything that I sucked up with the hose comes out of the vacuum right back onto the floor. How can I fix this problem?

*Currently the dirt container is completely empty, and the filters are freshly cleaned.*
There’s nothing wrong with the hose…At all. If anything the hose is the only thing that works. Its the actual vacuum cleaner that’s not working. No dirt is filling up in the container…It seems to be only picking up fine dust particles…Its like its sucking up the dirt, but instead of storing it in the container, it releases it back onto the floor when I turn the vacuum off.


  1. Somewhere in a hose, there is a clog. You just have to start taking it apart and detach hoses and check to see if they are clogged. Then, start banging the hose around to loosen the clog and use some needle-nose pliers to pull the junk out. Good luck.

  2. If you have a clog in the attachment hose that prevents dirt going any further, then the vacuum would suck up new dirt and hold it against the clog until the vacuum was shut off, then the dirt would fall down.


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