Recommend a vacuum that sucks?


My vacuum so does not suck. I could actually do a better job crawling around on my knees picking up dust, seriously. I’m looking for a bagless vacuum w/o attachments just to do carpet (if it vacuums kitchens well too, I’m not going to sniff at it), but it’s not a must. I can’t afford the Rolls Royce of all vacuums, but if you can recommend something that holds up for several years and gets the job done, hit me. Thanks. (NO KENMORE). Btw I hear Dyson is good, any rather inexpensive ones that you dig? Well anyway, I’m open to all suggestions…


  1. The only vacuum I recommend is Dyson, but sorry it is the expensive one. I will never own another vacuum again. It is well worth the price. It is amazing what it picks up. I have the Animal one and it is unbelievable how it grabs all of the animal hair. Never have to replace filters etheir.

  2. Well, I was going to recommend a Kenmore. I got mine when I got my dog. It removes ALL pet hair from the carpet. Never had a problem with it. In my book, thats pretty good.

  3. I looked at dyson but ended up buying a bissel from kmart for less than half the price. it was marketed as good on pet hair. It really does a good job. I pulled up tons of hair out of the carpet. helped my kid with allergies quite a bit.

  4. I have some Dirt Devil Featherlite crap I got at Walmart for under $50 that works surprisingly well. I’ve used it daily for 8 months now with no problems. Frankly, bagless vacuums aren’t very sanitary and they’re all gross to empty, but I understand that having to buy bags is annoying.
    I’ve had a Kirby and a Kenmore, and used an Oreck… Not worth paying $300+. My $50 crap works better, in my experience.

  5. We have a Bissel (I think thats the brand?)Force or something like that bagless vaccum and it works REALLY good. The suction is very powerful and its the best one we’ve ever owned. You can get it all walmart for about 50 dollars and it is worth every penny. You can search for it on the walmart website because im not sure of the name but im pretty sure its Bissel and says Force on it. 🙂

  6. Shop-Vac its the kind of vacuum that you attach the tube to and use the tube to duck things up. It sucks in a good way lol but it can also blow if you ever need to blow something and you can get corners with it. i dont know the price but you might see it in a home depot or lowes it is actually meant for sucking up bigger things or vacuuming cars but i use it for everything. . .and it works 😀

  7. I’ve given up on vacuums. None of then that I can afford really last for more then 6 months. Now I just wait until one is on sale and replace them annually. Eurekas are the worst. I think that overall Bissells are the best as far as low maintenance.


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