need help on a good commercial vacuum?


I clean a huge call center and need finally a GOOD heavy duty COMMERCIAL vacuum with TONS of sucking up power due to all the traffic. We have had many vac’s and most dont pick up good with little suction on the mats & flat carpeting and want one that would hold up with DAILY vacuuming without things breaking on them. The main thing needed is major suction for the sand, etc. Any good ideas on models with experience? We like the bagless ones that you just empty the container. Alot "say" good suction but don’t.


  1. Hoover has a commercial vacuum, that works great, it’s a canister vac and you can just dump it. The only thing I found when using it is that the belt had to be replaced about once a month. Of course I was cleaning 5 houses a day 5 times a week. You can get on Hoover’s website and look at the different models. However the price on them runs right around $400 or more but it is well worth the money.


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