Help troubleshoot my vacuum that lost it's suction power.?


The vacuum is under a year old – the roller isn’t locked up with strings and other stuff – I already cleared that out. It is bagless – and the container has been cleaned out. It won’t suck up dirt from the floor – can I fix this myself?
Hi – thx for all the options. I tried all of these, and it seems like it is a little better – I did find some collections in the hoses – but the suction power is just not working – it’s just moving the dirt over the carpet and not collecting in the bagless receptacle thing. Any other ideas?


  1. 1. Check for a clogged hose or air passage.
    2. ‘Bagless’ has to have some sort of filter.
    Check it for clogging – clean/replace.
    3. Check for any leak on the ‘suction side.
    (A loose connector hose?)

  2. Have you checked the hose that is used for your attachments? All of my vacuums are designed so that the dirt goes up the hose into the waste receptacle. Many times there has been something clogging that and I have had to use my fingers, coat hanger, etc. to clear it then it works fine.

  3. It will depend on how mechanically inclined you are. The Vacuum is basically just a turbine fan that creates an air flow from the floor through the turbine and into the filtration system. you need to check the turbine to see that it is turning freely. Also, some vacuums have a belt that drives the beater brush and the belt could be missing.


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