I need help picking a vacuum?


Squeeeza need help to clarify doubt about : I need help picking a vacuum?
I am tired of buying crap vacuums that break after 1 use. Does anyone have any recommendations for a mid-Priced upright vacuum. I am wondering if anyone has/like their Dyson.

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Answer by TSS
After much research:
1) Do NOT buy a Dyson (durability is not long, and many reviews have noted this).

2) Strongly reccommend Riccar. Know many who own them, and they are estactic on how well they work. I will purchase the same when ours quits.

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  1. I have a Dyson dear and it is highly durable I have no complaints it fell from the very top of the stairs and landed on the tip of the handle all that happened was the spring got dislodged.
    It is an upright and the upper filters can be cleaned I wash mine Although the life time one at the base is best removed (never wash those) because if they get very blocked and abused like mine did once (I sucked some wet stuff in and it blew up) a new motor was a reasonable $ 50. But don’t not let this put you off I use mine loads.

  2. I have a Bissell power force turbo bag-less with all attachment. I clean houses and when I am down with one house, just empty the bag and go to the next house. The cost was $ 89.00 and believe me it has power.


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