Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum Cleaner Infomercial Part 1


With a special black light see the hidden dirt and germs that is spewed back into the home with bagless vacuum cleaners. Find out what the other vacuum manufacturers don’t want you to know! When you see that the Oreck hypo-allergenic XL Ultra cleans the air while it vacuums the floors, you’ll know that bagless id a dirty word. Watch the XL Ultra vacuum up all manner of pet hair and dirt easily and powerfully, yet it still weighs less than a gallon of milk. Check out the canister vacuum pick up a 16-lb bowling ball. Receive this hypo-allergenic canister vac free when you buy the XL Ultra.


  1. I think you need to calm the hell down. As a matter of fact, as much as I do like older machines, my daily machine is a Sebo X4 which has a massive airflow. I wouldn’t use an older machine as a daily vacuum. And for the record, a 1974 Hoover Junior has more suction than an Oreck.

  2. The worst vacuum cleaner I have ever used in my life is the Dyson DC01, it’s just disgustingly bad. Dosen’t pick up a thing and it DOES lose suction even before the canister is half empty. It also only runs for 5mins before it overheats and cuts out (Dyson told us nothing is wrong with it) and the plastics are so cheap and flimsy it falls to bits. Dyson are unreliable poorly performing piles of junk!

  3. Well i have bad news for you… no matter where you go there will be dust… because dust is really only dead skin cells, germs, and other stuff. So it does not matter if you get all of that dust up, because when you go outside to thow away your bag and walk backin there will be dust in the air ready for you to suck back in!

  4. Of course dust is everywhere and it is impossible to get rid of 100% of the dust one encounters. I’m just saying that when I would dump a bagless vacuum, I would always end up inhaling a super concentrated amount of dust all at once. That never happened with my Oreck. What this infomercial even fails to mention is that you need to hit the filter many times to get the dust off of it and that creates even more dust.

  5. My mom bought this vacuum and it she returned it within a week. It CANNOT pick up a bowling bowl. It couldn’t even pick up dirt on top of the carpet. Buy a Kirby vacuum.

  6. @gratefultobehere Dysons spew dust and fill your home with dust mites when u empty just like david says! scary stuff!!!

  7. I love the classic Orecks. I ALWAYS know when someone is using one because the motors are all the same! It’s a little loud, but it has a better feel to it compared to other new vacuums. But Oreck updates their product line so often you can almost never have a current model!

  8. Ok at 2:45 it shows how particles coat the side of the bag. This makes it so that no air can get out after a short amount of time. If no air can get out no air or dirt can get in. So they show you that after a couple minutes you lose all of our power.


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