Tips on cleaning the inside of a car?


Jennifer Rose. need help to clarify doubt about : Tips on cleaning the inside of a car?
I bought a car – and it’s really dirty inside. And smells like garbage and alcohol. I want to really clean this car good. What tips do you have for getting it good and clean?

Try this:

Answer by dundi
If you have a carpet cleaner or can rent one, I would use it to shampoo the carpet. Leave the windows open (doors if you can) to let it dry out. But you can buy special rug shampoo and rent a carpet cleaner, or buy a bottle of shampoo and just scrub scrub scrub, good luck

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  1. Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol and water mixed 50/50, more alcohol if you’re in a humid location.

    Scrub the floors with carpet cleaner.

    Clean the rest of it with any other normal cleaner.


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