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Gone Fishing need help to clarify doubt about : How important is a brand name like Hoover if you hire a carpet cleaner?
Here’s the situation, I am starting a floor care company. The carpet extractor I want is $ 1300. Its pretty good, not great. Now the exact same item, made by the same company for Hoover is $ 150 more than having it under the original maker’s name. Not knowing anything about this sort of machinery, would the Hoover Ground Force name give you extra confidence in my abilities over a name like Sandia Sniper 12? Thanks.

Try this:

Answer by Lindy
Wasnt Hoover bought by another company? Im not sure that Hoover is the great brand as it used to be. you should google for consumer reviews on this product.

‘Danial’ you have spelt your name wrong. Yea!

No, you do not always get what you pay for. This is a belief that many people make a mistake with. I stress that one must read consumer reviews on products. I wont even buy cheap products without reading reviews. It has saved me a fortune.

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  1. Yes, you get what you pay for- BUT you want to make sure you’re not only paying for the name. Name brand recognition won’t typically give you any extra credibility, and sometimes may hurt it. Consumers, in my experience, respond well to names they don’t know- it makes it seem like you have to be a pro to buy one.

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