Vacuums: Bagless vs. Bag?


I’m looking for a new canister vacuum but can’t get my mind around the BAGLESS Dyson- seems like you still have to be careful about getting dirt and dust back into the air. Please leave your thoughts and feedback on vacuum cleaners and HURRY! I can’t wait too much longer to make a decision!


  1. The great thing about bagless is that you never have to use bags…running out of bags, having to go to the store, added expense. If you decide to get the bag kind, buy a bunch of bags at the same time so you will be able to use it a while before having to go get more. Finding the right bag can be such a hassle.

    Bagless vacuums work great, and I would suggest emptying them outside to avoid getting dust back in the house.

    I use the shop vac to clean out the bagless vacuum and filters, then empty the shop vac when it’s more full.

    If you have no shop vac, then tap it out in the garage or outside at the garbage can is my best advice.

  2. I prefer bagless myself. They are better for the environment and those horrible bag breaking situations are avoided. They are also cheaper as you dont keep having to buy more bags as soon as you fill yours up. They dont put more dust back into the air as you might think, but more or less the same as a bag filled one. hope this helps 😀

  3. Baggless they are less messy, most of them are good the new Hooversyclone is suppose to be just as good as Dyson only cheaper, Dust and dirt should not go back in the air it is a closed canaster you might of had a defective vacum. Get on line to the manufactures to find out any info you may need.

  4. Thru the yrs..we’ve had many vacuums..It’s a little bother to empty the water container from our Rainbow…but it is simply amazing how much more it picks up..The best part dust goes back into the air..The water bath container also freshens the air in the house..I don’t sell vacumms, but if I did it would be a Rainbow..If you have never seen or used one..have one demonstrated..

  5. Well, I’ve had both kinds and definitely prefer the bagless.

    I always found with my old Hoover that just taking the full bag off was enough to have dust and dirt flying back into the air.

    4 years ago we had it and bought a Dyson new off ebay. It was truly money well spent. We never have to search for bags or spend money on them.

    As for emptying it, I don’t have a problem with dust going back into the air. I just put the canister far down into the garbage can and hit the release. There is never a whoosh of dirt – it just sinks to the bottom of the garbage.

    We have the Dyson DC17 Animal.

  6. My sister has a bagless Dyson, and she loves it. Like others mentioned, it is sealed to keep the dirt in, and the only time you are going to have any escaping dust is while dumping it, which also happens in models with bags when you have to pop it off and throw it away some dust sometimes puffs out.

  7. Bagless is so easy. All you have to do is pop the top off the canister and empty it in the trash can. You also don’t have to worry about buying bags. Definitely go with the bagless. I am so jealous you are getting a Dyson. That is my dream vacuum.


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