Will carpet powder ruin my vacuum?


I had a roommate who loved to do house work. When she vacuumed, she’d sprinkle Glade powder on the carpet and it smelled so good. When she moved out, she took her vacuum with her. I bought a new Bissell powerforce vacuum. When I used it for the first time, I couldn’t believe all the left over carpet powder it sucked up! I didn’t use any carpet powder when I vacuumed. It was all left over powder in the carpet from my roommate. My vacuum is bagless with a dirtcup and filters. Everything was coated with powder. The outside of the vacuum had powder on it, the dirtcup was filled with powder, the filters were coated. I had to clean everything and wipe it all down. I’m worried that all the powder I sucked up is ruining my vacuum. I don’t know if any powder got into the motor, but there are vents on the outside and I’m worried that powder got in. What a mess! I’ll never use that carpet powder. My trash feels like there’s a bag of sand in it from all the powder I emptied out of the dirtcup.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I loved using the carpet sprinkles too–made everything smell so good. But when I bought a new vacuum–with the dirt cup and filters–I had to quit using the sprinkles. My filters kept clogging up and it made such a mess. Then I tried the carpet foam room deodorizers that are on the market but I suppose they’re leaving some type of residue on my carpet. Now I’m sticking to candles and potpourri burners. But my vacuum is over a year old and I use it, on average, every other day and so far the motor seems to be fine in it.

  2. You’ll have to remember to empty your bagless container frequently. The dust from red mud is the same way. It’s a pain, but with enough cleaning of the filters it shouldn’t be a real problem.

    Good luck!

  3. Well, if her vacuum wasn’t getting it up (since your vacuum picked up all that she’d left) I’d say that it was probably ruining hers, eh?
    I do know that carpet manufacturers say that the grit in the powder will shorten the life of your carpet, because it breaks down the fibers of the carpet–kinda just sands them away.
    I personally wouldn’t use it.


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