What is the best (cheap, light, bagless, cordless) vacuum for


I need a vacuum….please help me…

It should be cheap because I already have an expensive one which I think useless for me…

It should be light because my expensive vacumm is so big and heavy…it makes me afraid of cleaning…also, i have stairs (hardwood)..

It should be bagless and cordless because bags and cords are very annoying…I am simply lazy..i guess

I am looking for something under …I don’t have carpets or rugs. Only hardwood floor. no pets. I will use it 10-20 min everyday for light cleaning…

any recommendations?


  1. Swiffers are such a joke – DON’T buy one. The reason? All the liquid you are spraying on to the floor has a substance that makes it "shine" which also seals in the dirt and what you will end up with, when using "one step" floor cleaners like this is a big mess later on down the road and floors that are impossible to clean. I am a housecleaner for a living -trust me on this one. Buy a Bagless Bissel Powerforce – (Wal-Mart $30-$80 dep. on if it’s on sale.) It was rated for floors higher than that Dyson that everyone keeps raving about (which is heavy and VERY expensive – $400-$600) by Consumer Reports this March. I am really really happy with my Bissel, because I have cleaned some unbelieveable messes (I specialize in very nasty evictions) with this thing, and it has lasted 4 years so far! The best part is that ALL the parts are accessable WITH OUT tools, and ALL the filters on it are WASHABLE. Wash them out every so often, and you will have a vacuum that you will LOVE. It is also lightweight – everything you are looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are several models – get the cheaper one with the red dirt container.

  2. That vacuum does not exist. For the best cleaning on hard floors a small canister is perfect. Nothing with a power nozzle, just a straight suction canister with a hard floor brush. Do not get a cordless. I know it seems more convenient but the batteries do not offer hardly any power, run down quickly and usually cost as much if not more than the vacuum itself. Make sure it has a bag, they are cheaper than buying filters, cleaner to replace and will give you a longer life out of your vacuum. You can’t not replace filters and expect the motor to last even on washable filters they need to be replaced fairly often to prevent odors and to maintain air flow to the motor. It will probably cost a little more than $50.00 but you will be happy with the versatility of the little vacuum. I have sold and repaired vacuums for over 15 years, the small canisters are what people love for their hard floors and I think it would be perfect for you. I would try the Eureka Mighty Mite or the Sanitaire 3681 (same machine). Good luck with your search.

  3. I also vacuum floors. The canisters are generally better machines. Go to a vacuum repair shop and buy a repaired one that someone left and never picked up. Cordless can be expensive and run out of time before you are. Have a great year.


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