What professional carpet cleaning companies have you used?


aznfatnerd need help to clarify doubt about : What professional carpet cleaning companies have you used?
I am looking for a good carpet cleaning company to call to my house. What companies have you called or heard about? Which one is the best? Explain and describe the experience please. Comparisons are helpful. Thanks.

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Answer by Ashni
well u kinda don’t need one if u get the dyson it cleans carpet with the right formula

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  1. If you can avoid them, don’t use them. Lots of them (not all) will try and rip you off. They will say, well, you need this special spot remover, or you have to do it twice, because they are so dirty, little things like that will add up, and you probably don’t need it anyway. I went to walmarts and bought a rug shampooer for $ 149.00, and it works great. It’s a hoover, with the brushes on the bottom, and it really gets the dirt out. You will be paying more than that, for a professional to do it, and it will look better when you do it yourself. Believe me, they really work well. So, if you use it 2 times, you will have saved money, and you still have the machine, to do it many more times..good luck..


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