Which vacuum should i get?





I am a 25 year old living in an apartment with my roommate. i dont like to get my hands too dirty. i sometimes drop food on the floor. i am a little OCD about keeping the floors vacuumed so the vacuum will be used almost every other day. i have a tile kitchen and everything else is carpeted so i need something that will vacuum them both. i want something with a handled wand so i dont have to bend down to unscrew the wand and attach it every time i want to use it. i want a wand that i can just lift up and use. my budget is

and i dont know about bagged vs bagless. i heard bagless keep suction better but are harder to empty and clean and bagged are easier to clean but lose suction after a while.. im hoping to keep this vacuum for about 2 years
if you know of any other vacuums on amazon that are around or less then let me know. i dont want a cheap one because i just got rid of a cheap one that sucked. not literally. if it literally sucked then it wouldnt suck so bad! lol
i would LOVE to get a dyson but i cant afford one right now.paying 0 on a vacuum that you keep for 6 years i think is a great deal. but again, my budget is crappy because i have to pay for my classes and stuff


  1. Go to your library and take a look at Consumer Reports magazine. They review vacuums all the time. As they have no advertisers, they reports are very honest.

  2. i love my shark navigator. suction is superb, have tile and carpeted floors. great on pet hair. attachments are easy to use. there is a newer version out now with a removable canister top. priced weel. search online at shark, ebay, target, walmart, bed bath n beyond. the best for th buck!


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