best spray carpet cleaner?


Moonbeam need help to clarify doubt about : best spray carpet cleaner?
I have a beige carpet that is in need of a good cleaning.
I’m looking along the lines of a product that I can spray on, leave & vacuum up & does a excellent job at eliminating odors/dirt.

I am overwhelmed with the amount of products, not to mention I don’t want to spend $ 20 on a product when I could get the job done with spending $ 6….
thank you!
I should also add when I say I have a beige carpet…I mean I have a really light in color beige carpet (close to an offwhite)

Try this:

Answer by Mike
That’s not going to cut it if you want a “good” cleaning. You can rent a carpet cleaner at your local supermarket but you’re looking at about 50 bucks and it’s back breaking work. Or for about 150 you can get a professional steam cleaner to come out with no effort on your part other than paying. Remember, there is no substitute for elbow grease.

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  1. This product is really for spot cleaning but the best thing I have found is a el cheapo aerosol spray cleaner, I think it’s actually a generic knockoff of Resolve, it’s $ 1 a can and I think I’ve only found it at Dollar General stores. It works really well and it’s only $ 1, it’s in a red can.

    If the whole thing needs cleaning I would use this spot cleaner first and then rent a steam cleaner. You can rent them from WinnDixie for about $ 40 and then the solution is extra, depending on what you want/need. I’ve just used the basic solution and it works pretty well but I would def spot clean first.

  2. I am also a professional carpet cleaner and the newest greatest product I have seen for “dry cleaning” your carpet at home is the Shark Sonic Duo system. I have my wife use it to maintain the clean in between my carpet cleanings.


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