How often do I need to change the side HEPA filter on my


jveryrad need help to clarify doubt about : How often do I need to change the side HEPA filter on my Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner?
I know about changing the main bag before it’s half full. I haven’t heard any recommendations on changing the side Hepa filter. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Try this:

Answer by A E N
Depends on the recommendation for the particular filter you use. You should be able to get this info on this from Hoover. I have an Electrolux vacuum and I don’t change the second filter as often as I should because I don’t want to spend all that money on those things. Their recommendation for maximum efficiency is with every sixth main bag change. I might do it every ten.

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  1. It depends on how many times you use it every month. You should probably change it every month if you use it often.

  2. The HEPA filter is the very last filter before the vauumed (and hopefully cleaned) air is discharged back into the room. It prevents discharging microscopic particles back into the living environment. Most of the dust that is actually vacuumed up winds up in the dirt bag, which acts as the first “dust” filter as air is sucked through its fabric. The air then passes through a relatively coarse filter that protects the motor and the attached blower that produces the vacuum. Finally, the air is discharged from the blower through the HEPA filter (not cleanable) or, alternatively, a 3-layer washable filter. Hoover recommends changing the HEPA filter at least once a year, but in my opinion it is probably never necessary to change the HEPA filter as long as the vacuum cleaner has adequate suction and performs as well as it did when new. Remove and inspect it once a year to make sure there is no obvious buildup of dirt or dust on the back side and then put it back. Make sure the rubber seal is clean (wipe with a damp cloth) and that the HEPA filter locks firmly in place. Any air leakage around the filter defeats its purpose. It is impossible to clean a HEPA filter because microscopic particles become locked into the fabric of the filter. But it takes a lot of them to actually block enough flow of air through the filter to render the vacuum cleaner inoperable. Unless you suffer allergies from airborn dust and pollen, consider replacing the HEPA filter with a washable filter a year or so from now.


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