Electrolux Oxygen 3 Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Here is my brand new Electrolux Upright Vacuum. This is a very nice vacuum with lots of electronic controls, hepa filtration, cord rewind, electronic height adjustment and more. I have to say I was quite impressed with this one, its powerful yet very quiet.. It even comes fully assembled in the box.


  1. very nice. i like the way eureka updated the design and made them look more like a vacuum that performs. now they look stylish. definatly a nice looking vac.

  2. Why cant i find the Aerus electrolux vacuums like their famous epic style canister? Why do I only find ths type of upright and canister similar to this? Is the old electrolux really gone andreplaced with this?

  3. Let me ask you 3 simple questions about your “vaccum” cleaner

    1. Dose it have good suction?
    2. Do you know what a HEPA filter is?
    3. Dose it come with a lifetime warrenty?

    Please messege me back with your answer!

  4. first off vaccum is spelt vacuum lol
    and i assume by dose u mean does?
    the vacuum has very good suction
    high efficiency particulate absorbing in other words it’s a high efficiency air filter
    and the vacuum has a five year warranty

  5. I just bought this NEW in box. I don’t like the new Versatility because it has no automatic cord winder, no headlight, no bag, an air driven brush hand tool, and a hose that is very stretchy but will not reach any higher above your head than any other. I hope the wheel problem will not be an issue.

  6. This has turned out to be an awesome vacuum. A bagged cleaner with a HEPA filter IS MUCH BETTER and CLEANER! Especially for allergy sufferers. I ordered the back section of the cleaner and extra “ball bearings” for when the “apparently inevitable wheel comes off problem” so I can keep it lasting for years to come. THE EDGE CLEANING, CORD REWND, and EASY HOSE/TOOL access make it easy to quickly dust as you are doing the floor. This is the most well thought out vacuum I have ever used.

  7. Too bad the company has not come up with a good fix for their loyal customers. It stands to reason that four plastic studs that are holding on a rubber edged carpet gripping wheel are going to fatigue with no through axle connecting the two back wheels. I don’t understand the concept of calling the in essence washers “ball bearings” as they do not have anything turning through them. The wheel turns on a fixed round plate attached by these four screws through the “ball bearings”

  8. No vacuum repairman has had an intelligent answer. They just keep repeating, “return it” and “a customer waits four months for parts”. Sears Parts Direct online has great diagrams and part number listings for this vacuum. It is a good vacuum.

  9. @smileyhq Nice vacuum!I have heard that these fail often,I think they fixed the problem..mainly the ones that fail are the oxygen 3 canister.


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