Miele S5210 vacuum cleaner


Used to be my everyday vac but sadly no longer with me as I traded it in for a newer Miele. The Miele replaced a Dyson DC14 which was a complete waste of space. I settled for the Miele because it has a nice solid feel to it a bit like the old vacs i’ve got. Its amazingly powerful with 2200w and is very quiet. Overall this is a very high quality and well designed machine that I’d reccomend to anyone, just listen to that ‘clunk’ when I open and close the tool compartment!


  1. At the everyday “ear” setting, I do get a pretty good suction though. It does cling to the carpet, slightly enough. But the vacuum head has to be angled a certain way. It’s very satisfying to be able to pull it off.

  2. I dont know if I want one as there is NO POWER nozzle. I might as well attach the hose to my kirby and put on the floor nozzle. That is what it is like useing the Miele.

  3. no no no, the Miele is a hell of a lot more powerful than a Kirby if used for straight suction. Miele’s are available with powerheads too, electric ones, rechargable and air driven and they’re all really good on carpets.

  4. If you have carpeting go for a Calliso or a Earth. These have a power head and are extremly powerful. You will love how well they clean. I have one out of my 40 vacums and I just love it.

  5. ABS plastic does not necessarily get brittle over time – certainly not within the lifespan of this vacuum cleaner. Lego’s are ABS plastic and I’ve got some Legos from a million years ago (I’m a fossil 🙂 and no signs of any aging whatsoever.

  6. I use a Miele and it works fantasticly…
    Its made in Germany and good design and quality. Ive got a white version of that hoover
    I go to the waste recycling centre and find so many Dysons that are wasted…
    Dyson is laughing right now and making loads of money. Hes got the ideas and design and innovation, but he lacks the quality really needed in hoovers. I stick to bags rather than bagless…

  7. did u ever have the tool and filter housing pop up during use when i mean the filter housing one the air comes from??? my one is, was u using the gn bags?? how long before they filled??

  8. i have had this vacume for over 4 months now and havent had to change the bag now i had the heny vacume and ended up changeing bag every 2 weeks because we have pets and the bag would fill up two quickly
    the miele is a brilliant vacume dosent lose suction even when the bag is completely full and the filtration is brilliant well worth the money


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