Hoover Steam Vac Dual V Carpet Cleaner


For More Info or to Buy Now: www.hsn.com Keep your carpets and floors looking great with this Hoover Steam Vac Dual V Carpet Cleaner. Its Dual V nozzle technology provides excellent dirt and water removal across the entire nozzle and it… Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View hsn.com to view the current selling price. HSN Item #329575
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  1. I use a bissel myself as it was given to me, good machine. although I have used a hoover such as this model. Not as user friendly next to the bissel…but it cleaned second to none.

  2. I threw my Steam Vac V2 away after 10 years. The sprayer hose for the on board tools broke and leaked, the clean water tank (this was a replacement tank, the first tank that came with the tank was faulty, cost over $50 to replace) cracked near the handle, and the handle for the dirty water tank would no longer latch onto the tank. I wasen’t a perfect machine by any means, but after 10 years and moderate tp heavy use, it served its purpose. Hopefully the Bissell I bought to replace it will last.

  3. Lol is all I can say. I clean 50 homes every two weeks with a professional company. Rule number one, any “soap” put on carpet will leave a residue. A rinse cycle means their main product is not efficient if its to be rinsed . Imagine hitting a “puppy” spot
    With to much moisture and not getting 95% of the solution back. Its in your pad still along with the spots.this Guy could never do a three story house full of two dogs, two cats, dirt traffic coming from the garage.

  4. I purchased this steam cleaner. It worked great at first, but now the spinning wheels will not work. I have taken them out, cleaned them, they spin freely by hand, but not on machine. I have read comments that there is a part that is frozen and that I need to get to it. I have searched for two days and cannot find any help on how to do this. I have the screws a part, but cannot figure out how to remove the other pieces. Unless someone is mechanical, I would recommend this cleaner

  5. We got one of these a couple of days ago and it doesn’t work like in this video. It cleans a bit, but if you’ve got a dirty carpet in an old house with uneven floor boards, it tends to only reach the bits of carpet that stick up, but the dips are left dirty. It’s probably ok on carpets that have minor dirt and animal hair on flat floors but it’s certainly not as great as they make out.

  6. @ crazypete: go online to hoover’s website and look up your model and they should have a manual online that u can look up or print out in PDF file.

  7. Why is EVERY hoover product advertised on hsn “top of the line”? Has ANYONE heard of the Platinum collection?  PS. not a troll, just wondering.

  8. I bought this one from a Garage Sale for 50$ =P I just have to replace the soap and one cheap part hahaha but how do you use this I have no manual.


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