My Vacuum Collection Part 2


This is a remake on the origional, with some added vacuums and stuff. Had to redo the other video b/c I refered to the Eureka Powerline as a Hoover! Two other vacuums I forgot to mention are my Dirt Devil Can Vac, which is the vacuum I used to play with when I was little, and a Euro Pro Canister that is a cheap version of the Fantom Lightning w/oa powernozzle. I still can’t think of where all my other stickvacs and push-sweepers are, but that doesn’t matter. Also, where the remaining Bissells and Dirt Devils are, I have a Bissell Big Green and Powerbrush model that I thought I would mention.


  1. I got it from someone’s trash. I think the more common form was the Sanitaire version that sold better in the commercial-use world. It looked exactly like this one. there was also a green model sold too.

  2. theres also a blue and black one as well the black one is called the boss excalibur so and neibors have the black one the boss excalibur and thats their down stairs vacuum

  3. please do a video on the Eureka Excalibur. My old babysitter used to have it and I would LOVE to see it in action!! (=

  4. i used to have and love the grab n go i gave it to my grandma and then after a yer thst she had it it stoppes so i had it foe 5 years


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