1. Yeah, I would say in comparison to an Oreck this one is a much better value, very easy to service, cleans better, and is lightweight-easy to push.

  2. sweet man, i got a eureka 1458 dialanap. it’s got a vibragroomer brushroll. it is a great cleaner. it does better than a lot of new vacs i have used. the brushroll does a lot of the work.

  3. That’s because they haven’t changed the vacuum design since the 60’s & 70s. Sanitaire has a history timeline of their “Red Line” vacuum cleaners on their website, and they were introduced in 1972 and the overall layout and design hasn’t changed since then, minus a few serviceability improvements over the years.

  4. Yeah, my instinct’s draw me towards the more basic and old fashioned vacuum designs, and they couldn’t be more right! as these Sanitaires’ I have are the best cleaning vacuums I own, and of course the Kirby is excellent too!

  5. I saw those along with the Red Line at couple of local vac shops along with Meiles and Orecks. If my moms 2 bagless vacs breaks, I going to get her a quality vacuum.

  6. If you are patient you can find a nice clean used oreck on ebay for 100 bucks or less. i got an xl2600 for 99 about 3 years ago. It has the hypo filter bag, headlights, and helping hand handle. you can still find good deals like that and even on many of the newer models.

  7. I’ve demonstrated those Sanitaire’s to a few people I know and the all loved them, to my surprise. In-fact one of my cousin’s is buying an SC888 and a Eureka Mighy Mite canister vac cuz of me…


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